Training and Tutorials 2021


Online training

5 half-days RabbitMQ Training

Sep 13-17 (10am-2:30pm CEST)

Learn the basics, from how to install, configure, and develop applications using RabbitMQ. Our course has plenty of examples to draw inspiration from. We’ll illustrate techniques and approaches that will help with setting the right foundations for new projects as well as taking existing projects to the next level. With your needs in mind we will venture into more advanced topics including clustering, high availability, plugins, performance and security, giving a full understanding of RabbitMQ capabilities in these areas. This course includes a hands-on project where a full system is built, using RabbitMQ as the messaging bus, with all concepts learnt during the training being put into practice.

  • Understanding RabbitMQ and AMQP concepts
  • Installing and operating RabbitMQ
  • Optimizing and performance tuning RabbitMQ
  • Deploying real world, resilient RabbitMQ architectures
  • Building distributed microservices based messaging applications with RabbitMQ
Why you should attend this course
  • It gives you a good, solid understanding of RabbitMQ and principles of AMQP
  • Helps you design distributed and decoupled microservice architectures with RabbitMQ
  • Helps you understand different messaging patterns for efficiently routing messages across multiple applications
  • Helps you understand clustered RabbitMQ installations and problems encountered in distributed messaging systems and how to solve them
  • Teaches you how to configure RabbitMQ for different performance and operation needs
  • Equips you with the necessary skill to carry out advanced RabbitMQ optimizations and tuning
  • Teaches you how to troubleshoot and resolve common RabbitMQ problems typically encountered in production environments
  • Gives you practical skills and knowledge on how to install and manage RabbitMQ instances as well as designing and building an entire microservices messaging system based on RabbitMQ

Advanced Online training

5 half-days RabbitMQ Expert

Aug 30-Sep 3 (9am-1:30pm EDT) or Oct 4-8 (10am-2:30pm CEST)

The RabbitMQ Expert Training workshop is an intense deep dive to understanding internal RabbitMQ components, design and implementation. More suited to senior engineers, this advanced workshop will walk you through critical RabbitMQ Erlang/OTP based internals, from aspects such boot procedures to messaging operations and components which are usually hidden from general RabbitMQ users and operators, this training will stretch your understanding of RabbitMQ to the underlying designer and implementer’s perspective. The advanced workshop also includes hands-on training on aspects such as plugin development, where you not only learn the theory and architecture of RabbitMQ plugins, but also get to build, package and install your custom plugin on a live RabbitMQ installation. You will also learn advanced operations and maintenance techniques, which will equip you to troubleshoot and fix some of the most complex production issues which may arise on any RabbitMQ installation. Choose this course if you'd like a mix of theory and hands-on activities.

  • Erlang Fundamentals
  • RabbitMQ Initialization
  • RabbitMQ Internal Design & Architecture
  • Plugin Development
  • Advanced Support Techniques
Why you should attend this course
  • Gives you a deep understanding of the Design and Architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Helps you understand the internal messaging components implemented in RabbitMQ
  • Provides the fundamentals of Erlang OTP and how it used to implement RabbitMQ
  • Teaches you how RabbitMQ stores and manages messages
  • Explains internal complex operations such as RabbitMQ Flow Control
  • Gives you an understanding on how clustering and message replication works
  • Gives you practical hands-on skill of RabbitMQ plugin development
  • Equips you with advanced skills for troubleshooting and fixing live RabbitMQ installations
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Online Tutorial

RabbitMQ Fast Track

July 15, 9am - 5pm EDT

Learn about the main concepts in RabbitMQ in just one day RabbitMQ Fast Track training course taught by the RabbitMQ expert at Erlang Solutions. The training course will cover the following topics:

  • RabbitMQ Fundamentals
  • Building systems with RabbitMQ
  • Extending RabbitMQ with Plugins
  • Optimising & Troubleshooting RabbitMQ
  • Understanding AMQP concepts
  • Performance tuning RabbitMQ
  • Deploying real world, resilient RabbitMQ architectures
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring

Advanced Online Tutorial

RabbitMQ Fast Track Expert

July 16, 9am - 5pm EDT

Take a deep, 1-day dive in understanding the internals, underlying principles and secrets behind the design, architecture and implementation of RabbitMQ.

  • Erlang OTP fundamentals for RabbitMQ
  • RabbitMQ Initialization
  • RabbitMQ Internal Design & Architecture
  • Plugin Development
  • Advanced Support Techniques
This course is a condensed version of our 5-day Expert course, with the main focus on theory.