Training 2022


2-day in-person OR virtual course

Advance RabbitMQ training

In-Person (VENUE): Sep 14-15, 9am-5pm BST
Virtual: Oct 4-5, 9am-5pm BST
Trainer: Gabor Olah

The Advanced RabbitMQ Training workshop is an intense deep dive to understanding internal RabbitMQ components, design and implementation. More suited to senior engineers, this advanced workshop will walk you through critical RabbitMQ Erlang/OTP based internals, from aspects such as boot procedures to messaging operations and components which are usually hidden from general RabbitMQ users and operators, this training will stretch your understanding of RabbitMQ to the underlying designer and implementer’s perspective. You will also learn advanced operations and maintenance techniques, which will equip you to troubleshoot and fix some of the most complex production issues which may arise on any RabbitMQ installation.

  • Expertise: intermediate
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Target audience: Software developers & engineers
  • Prerequisites: Previous experience with RabbitMQ
  • Understand RabbitMQ underlying fundamentals of the BEAM Erlang VM
  • Understand the design and architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Understand how RabbitMQ implements and processes AMQP
  • Understand internal implementation of messaging components (queues, exchanges, etc)
  • Understand how RabbitMQ stores messages
  • Advanced Erlang & RabbitMQ support and maintenance techniques
Why should you attend this course
  • Gives you a deep understanding of the Design and Architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Helps you understand the internal messaging components implemented in RabbitMQ
  • Provides the fundamentals of Erlang and how it used to implement RabbitMQ
  • Helps you understand the implementation and processing of AMQP operations in RabbitMQ
  • Teaches you how RabbitMQ stores and manages messages
  • Gives you an understanding on how clustering and message replication works
  • It will equip you with advanced skills for troubleshooting and fixing live RabbitMQ installations
Covers the following topics
  • ERLANG FUNDAMENTALS: The Erlang VM fundamentals, Erlang Distribution
  • RABBITMQ INITIALIZATION: RabbitMQ Start Scripts, RabbitMQ Boot Procedures
  • RABBITMQ INTERNAL DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE: AMQP message processing; Connection & Channel Implementations; Queue Implementation; Quorum Queues and Streams; Message Storage
  • RABBITMQ CLUSTERING: Creating clusters; Network partition handling; Queue behaviour during network partitions
  • RABBITMQ MONITORING: Monitoring solutions; Operational procedures

Beginner in-person OR virtual Training

Zero to Hero RabbitMQ

In-person (VENUE): Sept 13, 9am-5pm BST
Virtual: Oct 3, 9am-5pm BST
Trainer: Lajos Gerecs

The RabbitMQ Zero to Hero Training is an intense one-day crash course into setting up and using a production-ready RabbitMQ. The course covers the basics of messaging and provides practical examples with hands-on exercises.

  • Expertise: beginner
  • Course duration: 1 days
  • Target audience: Software Developers & Engineers; Solution Architectsl; DevOps
  • Prerequisites: Experience with the basic software development and deployment process
  • Understanding AMQP concepts
  • Building distributed messaging systems with RabbitMQ
  • Deploying real world, resilient RabbitMQ architectures
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring
Why should you attend this course
  • Because you want to start your RabbitMQ journey on solid foundations
  • Because you are already using RabbitMQ but never had the time to dive deeper into functionalities of RabbitMQ
  • Because you want something working quickly
  • Because you want to want to take the Advanced RabbitMQ course but you are unsure about your fundamentals
Covers the following topics
  • RabbitMQ Fundamentals
  • Building systems with RabbitMQ
  • Essential plugins for RabbitMQ
  • Monitoring & troubleshooting RabbitMQ
  • Understanding AMQP concepts
  • Performance tuning RabbitMQ
  • Deploying real world, resilient RabbitMQ architectures
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring