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RabbitMQ Summit brings together users and developers from around the world. Learn from speakers and keynotes on what’s happening in and around RabbitMQ, and how top companies utilise RabbitMQ to power their services.

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A note from the organisers

And so, the 2nd RabbitMQ Summit 2019 in Europe is over. A big thank you to all the attendees, speakers and sponsors that helped us make this event. CloudAMQP and Erlang Solutions are happy to see a growing interest in RabbitMQ...


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Even though the 2019 Summit just ended - planning of the next event has already started. We want to make sure the RabbitMQ community gets the most out of our summits, therefore we are interested in hearing your thoughts about how you think we can improve. Remember to fill out the feedback form that was sent to you by mail.

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Talks from 2018

Head over to our YouTube channel if you need to cure your acute RabbitMQ Summit abstinence. There you will find 10 appreciated talks that was given last year. Popular lectures include:

  • Keynote: Idiomatic RabbitMQ - Gavin M Roy
  • What we've learned from running thousands of production RabbitMQ clusters - Lovisa Johansson
  • What it's like to bet your entire startup on Rabbit - Nathan Herald

Visit the YouTube channel for a full list. Don't forget to subscribe!