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The first RabbitMQ Summit brings together RabbitMQ users and developers from around the world. Learn from speakers and keynotes on what’s happening in and around RabbitMQ, and how top companies utilise RabbitMQ to power their services.

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Keynote Speakers

Gavin Roy

VP of Architecture

AWeber Communications

Jonathan Skrzypek

Executive Director

Goldman Sachs


Michael Klishin

Core Rabbitmq Dev


Ayanda Dube

RabbitMQ Expert

Erlang Solutions

Lovisa Johansson

RabbitMQ Engineer


Gerhard Lazu

Core RabbitMQ Dev


Monish Unni

Cloud Architect

Polynomial Factors

Nathan Herald

Software Engineer

Wunderlist/ Microsoft

Matteo Cafasso

Software Engineer

F-Secure Corp.



Welcome and Introduction

Keynote: Idiomatic RabbitMQ

Gavin Roy

In this talk Gavin will cover AMQP in the context of its use in RabbitMQ with a premise that if you don't fully understand AMQP, you don't understand RabbitMQ. Gavin will discuss the by-directional RPC behavior, connections, channels, objects, methods, and properties.

Gavin Roy

An update from the RabbitMQ team

Michael Klishin

Curious about what the RabbitMQ team has been up to since 3.7.0 shipped in November 2017? In this talk we will cover what's coming in 3.8.0 and beyond.

Michael Klishin

Coffee Break

Real life RabbitMQ on steroids

Monish Unni

Going from monoliths to distributed systems with RabbitMQ as a core component for online transaction processing. RabbitMQ has powerful abstractions that help you get up and running quickly. The talk will focus on the importance of understanding RabbitMQ's abstractions deeply to make them work for you in a distributed world. The talk will cover setting up RabbitMQ as a service broker and using it in a CI/CD pipeline for near zero developer effort.

Monish Unni

Developing RabbitMQ plugins in Elixir

Matteo Cafasso

RabbitMQ comprises of a state of the art plugin architecture, allowing it to be highly customizable and extensible to meet various requirements which may not be supported by an "out-of-the-box" broker installation. This presentation gives an overview of RabbitMQ's plugin infrastructure and discusses some useful, existing plugins with an overview of developing custom RabbitMQ plugins in Elixir. With Elixir being a language fully compatible with the Erlang Virtual Machine and growing in popularity, the RabbitMQ core team also adopted it in developing the next generation CLI-tools found in the latest release series, 3.7.x; a strong indication on the direction and future of RabbitMQ's product development. Outcome of this presentation looks to encourage more RabbitMQ plugin development in Elixir from the community!

Matteo Cafasso

Panel Debate: What's new and what's on the horizon for RabbitMQ

Dormain Drewitz

It's time for a panel debate with a selection of guests, including questions from the audience. It's time to talk about the future for the most widely deployed open source message broker in the world.

Dormain Drewitz


Real-world RabbitMQ deployments

Gerhard Lazu

Come and join me in exploring what it looks like to succeed with RabbitMQ in production. We will cover 3 different enterprise messaging implementations that rely on RabbitMQ for:

  1. Financial trading
  2. Vehicle telemetry
  3. Monitoring of medical equipment
Gerhard Lazu

A Walk Through the Design and Architecture of RabbitMQ

Ayanda Dube

As the use of RabbitMQ grows, there's a growing need for its operators and engineers to have a good understanding and appreciation of its internal design, and how its sub-components interact to meet the various messaging requirements in industry. In this talk I walk through the internal design of RabbitMQ, explaining some of the key components which attribute to its robustness and reputation of being a world leading and well trusted messaging system.

Ayanda Dube

Coffee Break

What it's like to bet your entire startup on Rabbit

Nathan Herald

Wunderlist made big bets on two technologies: AWS and rabbit. I will give an overview of what it’s like to live with rabbit for years, the tools and practices we built up around rabbit, and as many tips and learnings as I can.

In this talk you'll see real world data, hear anecdotes from using RabbitMQ at various scales. You should feel more comfortable making a bet on RabbitMQ as a critical part of your infrastructure after my presentation.

Nathan Herald

What we've learned from running thousands of production RabbitMQ clusters

Lovisa Johansson

Since 2012 CloudAMQP has been running dedicated and shared RabbitMQ clusters for customers around the world, in seven different clouds. In this talk Lovisa will address the most common misconception, misconfigurations and anti-patterns in RabbitMQ usage, and how they can be avoided. Lovisa will talk about how you can increase RabbitMQ reliability and performance and she will also mention common RabbitMQ use cases among CloudAMQP’s customers.

Lovisa Johansson

Keynote: Scaling RabbitMQ @ Goldman Sachs

Jonathan Skrzypek

Goldman Sachs leverages hundreds of applications communicating with each other. The Data Management and Distribution group provides messaging middleware services to the firm’s ecosystem. This talk will be about why and how we adopted RabbitMQ as a first class citizen in our messaging product portfolio. A significant proportion of application teams at Goldman Sachs was used to traditional guaranteed messaging systems, and as such, moving to RabbitMQ was and still is a paradigm shift in how applications interact with a messaging layer. We will touch on the challenges of delivering RabbitMQ as a service at enterprise scale, including but not limited to deployment model, monitoring and telemetry, achieving data consistency, developer awareness.

Jonathan Skrzypek

Closing and drinks

Optional Post-event:

One day course by Pivotal

RabbitMQ Advanced

Tuesday November 13th, London. £495

Learn about advanced concepts in RabbitMQ in the one day RabbitMQ course taught by a RabbitMQ expert from Pivotal. The course will cover the following topics:

  • RabbitMQ Internals
  • RabbitMQ with Spring AMQP
  • RabbitMQ Plugins
  • Troubleshooting RabbitMQ
  • Ultimate Clustering

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Optional Post-event:

One day course by Erlang Solutions

RabbitMQ Express

November 13 and 14th, London. £495

Learn about the main concepts in RabbitMQ in the one day RabbitMQ Express course taught by a RabbitMQ expert from Erlang Solutions. The course will cover the following topics:

  • RabbitMQ Fundamentals
  • Building systems with RabbitMQ
  • Extending RabbitMQ with Plugins
  • Optimising & Troubleshooting RabbitMQ

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